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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volume 1

Introduction to the Photoshop Document and Workspace

Before we get into all the various ways to correct, fix and enhance our images, I feel it is important to understand how to move around within the Photoshop interface and how to navigate our way through the Photoshop document itself. So this chapter will deal with the various ways in which we can navigate through and around a Photoshop document as well as learning what all of the palettes are used for and how to set up our workspace to suit the way we want to work in the application.

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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volume 2

Understanding Selections and the Selection Tools

When we are working on our image files and we end up making a change to that image file in order to make it look better, we are either going to affect the entire image (global adjustment) or we are going to affect just a selected portion of the image (local adjustment). Although there are some very sophisticated methods to making advanced selections, the truth is, most of the selections that you will be making at this point will be created using some of Photoshop’s basic selection tools. Once you understand how these tools work, you’ll be able to make some amazing selections to say the least.

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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volume 3

Understanding Layers and Layer Masks

As I have probably mentioned elsewhere, layers are one of the basic building blocks in a Photoshop image. Having components on separate layers allows you the flexibility to manipulate individual aspects of your image without affecting other pieces. You can isolate a woman’s sweater, throw up on a separate layer, do what you want to it and not have to worry about affecting the other parts of the model or background. Sure, you could do all of this on the one Background Layer but it would be more difficult and time consuming. After going through this module completely and understanding how great layers are, could you even imagine Photoshop without them?

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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volume 4

Understanding Colour Corrections & Dynamic Range

Understanding colour corrections, contrast and dynamic range is really simple if explained properly and that is what I hope to accomplish in this module. Now, if you are shooting images using a DSLR camera in the Raw mode and using a Raw processor such as Adobe Camera Raw or even Lightroom properly, you really should not have any need to colour correct or fix the contrast or dynamic range of your images in a global sense but you may have to do some local adjustments as you work through your images. That’s where this module comes in.

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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volume 5

Retouching and Repairing Images

Retouching images has so many different meanings ranging from removing spots of dust and unwanted objects to taking the girl next door and turning her into a super model by adding more hair, enhancing her eyes, building up the cheek bones, adding shadows and highlights to slimming waist lines and removing double chins. Repairing images involves fixing faded parts of an image, removing coffee mug stains, filling in cracks in a photo and rebuilding torn off pieces.

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Photoshop Professor Notes: Volumes 1 to 5

A Photoshop Master Class for Photographers, Graphic Designers,
Multimedia Production Technicians and anyone else.

This is Volume1 through 5 in my “Photoshop - Beginners to Intermediate” series. I have developed this series over many years of teaching at both the College and University levels in a variety of departments including the Multimedia Program, Graphic Design Program, the Fashion Program, and the Creative Photography Programs both daytime and evening diploma and certificate programs. This course in Adobe Photoshop starts right at the very beginning assuming that the learner has no experience in using the application.

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